Crowdfunding basics

Are you considering using crowdfunding? You’re not alone, because many young game companies do at some point in their early years. However, fairly few run a successful campaign. Crowdfunding is a beast of its own. So, before you decide to go for it, you should gather all the information you can. Let us help you with the game crowdfunding basics!

In June 2021, we participated in writing two articles about crowdfunding a game for LAB Open: Basics of Crowdfunding for Finnish game companies and Crowdfunding tips for game companies. Read them to get started!

We would like to highlight the importance of a community for a crowdfunding campaign. If you don’t have a fanbase yet, you should to build one before launching a crowdfunding campaign. If you’re having a hard time building a fanbase, work on your game first.

What is it that makes the game attractive for your target audience? Are those things visible in the game yet? If not, how can you fix that? If yes, are you communicating it to the audience in a way that they understand and are interested in? Is your communication platform right?

Often, you’ll even need to update your original assumptions about the target audience and their reasons to be interested in the game. If you still can’t seem to reach the audience, you might even end up killing the game – after all, even Supercell is a proud serial killer.

But once you have a game that is attracting a community around it, and once you’ve found the ways and channels to discuss with that audience, crowdfunding might well be the way to go. Do your research, plan your work, produce great materials, ask for feedback, iterate, and go. Best of luck on your journey!

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