The Funding Flowchart

There are many routes you can take to funding a game company, and most companies end up using several different forms of funding in their early years. Plan carefully and be prepared; it will improve your chances of success greatly.

One important thing to remember when making a funding plan is that every form of funding will steer your company. You need to be sure it will steer you to a direction you want to go. Typically, cultural funds underline creativity and innovation. Business Finland funding aims for international business cases. Most investors look for fast growth and multiplication of funds.

You should not take funding that aims for things that you’re not looking for, or things you’re not ready for yet. Take your time to grow towards the funding. Every time you get a no, ask “why” – either directly from the funding organisation, or figure it out yourself. After getting an honest answer, if that form of funding is still something you know you want, start working to fix the reasons.

This Funding Flowchart is a visual aid designed to help you in planning the route to funding for a game company. For more detailed info about individual forms of funding, you should always refer to original sources. If you have any other questions or concerns or need guidance in using the Flowchart, feel free to contact us!

For a full-sized image, click here or the Flowchart below. You can also find the official publication on Theseus.

Funding Flowchart for Finnish Game Companies

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