The needs of game investors – survey results

Interest in investments in games seems to be growing, both among established investors and people made wealthy by games. This is a trend the industry needs to support. But what kind of support would be useful for them, what are the needs of game investors?

The value of savvy investors, “smart money”, far exceeds the value of the money they invest. They bring with them knowledge, experience and networks, and raise the chances of success greatly. They can also give valuable feedback to the companies they decide not to invest in.

In many cases, those savvy investors are game industry seniors, in which case, their needs of support are often about the technicalities of investing. They might not know yet how to do investment contracts, what does international investing do to their taxes, or how to pool investments with other investors.

On the other hand, some experienced investors are interested in games, but don’t necessarily understand the industry yet. They often have great general business understanding, but may be wondering the industry specifics. How to judge the readiness of a game company? How does the income logic of a mobile game differ from that of a PC or VR game? When can you expect a game company to break even?

The Baltic Sea Game Incubation project ran a survey to find out the support needs, hopes and experiences of game investors. “Concept for Game Investment Workshops” is a project output based on that survey, originally published in May 2021. It consists largely of an analysis of the survey. The respondents of the survey were past, current and potential game investors.

You can find the “Concept for Game Investment Workshops” pdf file here.

The project Baltic Game Industry was financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, within the programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

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