The needs of game mentors – survey results

Mentorship in the game industry is gaining traction, which is a great development. Mentorship is invaluable in supporting knowledge transfer in the industry. But mentors need support, too. What kind of support is valuable for them, what are the needs of game mentors?

Mentoring is a skill that can be learned – and a useful one at that. Mentorship is highly valued in the workplace, especially in leadership roles. It can support the mentor’s own professional skills and lifelong learning and help them understand other people’s points of view.

But mentorship is not without challenges. Starting with your first mentee can be overwhelming. What are you supposed to talk about? Should you give direct advice, or help them find their own path? What if your advice turns out to be bad? Or if they’re not listening? Where do you even find a mentee?

These are all challenges that many have struggled with before you. Education, coaching, and peer support can take you far. But which challenges are the most common ones, and what kinds of solutions would fill the needs of game mentors best?

The Baltic Sea Game Incubation project ran a survey to find out the support needs, hopes and experiences of game industry mentors. “Concept for Game Mentoring Workshops” is a project output based on that survey, originally published in May 2021. It consists largely of an analysis of the survey. The respondents of the survey were past, current and potential game mentors.

You can find the “Concept for Game Mentoring Workshops” pdf file here.

The project Baltic Game Industry was financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, within the programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

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