Share the knowledge.

Learning from each other is the core strength of the Finnish game industry.

Keep up the good habit – join a network of mentors and startups.

What is LGIN?

The Living Game Intelligence Network is a game industry support community of startups and volunteering mentors – seniors and experts from all around the industry. We support each other, so we’ll be able to work smarter and build the future of the industry together.

LGIN has two main types of game startup support: joining the network for long-term support, or applying for the Incubation Track for a more structured program with milestones and deadlines. Mentors are free to choose the kind of support they prefer to offer. There are many ways to help and be helped.

Pick-and-mix game industry support in Finland

Joining LGIN is free, with no strings attached, because it’s all about giving back to the community.


LGIN is a great way to find (and keep) your way around the industry:
• Meet nice people
• Get help or feedback on any topic
• Help others if you can
• Repeat

Anton Petrushenkov, Bigger Scope

Participating in LGIN’s cozy neighborhood community is a moment of sunshine in any day. I want to do it whenever possible! 🌞

Aki Kanerva, Mentor, Founder at Virtual Air Guitar Company

Some of our 30+ mentors

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