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Learning from each other is the core strength of the Finnish game industry.

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What is LGIN?

The Living Game Intelligence Network is a game industry support community of startups and volunteering mentors – seniors and experts from all around the industry. We support each other, so we’ll be able to work smarter and build the future of the industry together.

Pick-and-mix game industry support in Finland

Joining LGIN is free, with no strings attached, because it’s all about giving back to the community.


LGIN is a great way to find (and keep) your way around the industry:
• Meet nice people
• Get help or feedback on any topic
• Help others if you can
• Repeat

Anton Petrushenkov, Bigger Scope

Participating in LGIN’s cozy neighborhood community is a moment of sunshine in any day. I want to do it whenever possible! 🌞

Aki Kanerva, Mentor, Founder at Virtual Air Guitar Company

Some of our 30+ mentors

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